Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Personal Check

I have now been home from my mission for about 4 months. During my scripture study this week I was reflecting back on what I have learned in these last 4 months. I was reading in Alma 7 where Alma is talking to the people of Gideon, and how he is pleased with how they have been acting while he has been away. This is a stark difference from chapters 5-6 where Alma is chastising the people for their actions.

I imagined which one of the speeches Alma would give to me after now being home for a couple of months. I hoped that it would be like chapter 7, and some parts were, but there were also parts from chapter 5 and 4 that seemed to also fit me quite well.

I want him to say to me... "yea, hath given unto me the exceedingly great joy of knowing that they are established again in the way of his righteousness." (7:4)

Although I am not perfect, I still have much room for improvement. Being home has been hard and its taken me a few months to feel back on my feet but as I reflected on my time home realized that I had continued to learn so much, even though I was no longer out serving the Lord 24/7. In my case I feel like I may have even learned more being home. This isn't me writing about what I have learned but more on the importance of looking back and reflecting what we have learned and where we are now because of it.

I hope that I can stay in the way of his righteousness now and forever.

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