Thursday, February 23, 2017

Theres always a way

This was probably the first week in the whole semester where I felt as though I actually had enough time to accomplish everything that I needed to do. This semester seemed to be an endless list of things that I needed to do and not enough time to ever get it all done.

Then this week in Book of Mormon we talked about seeking the kingdom of god before riches (reference to Jacob 2: 18) and my professor talked about how "riches" can really be replaced with anything. He specifically talked about time.

I immediately felt like my professor was speaking right to me.

He said that we may feel like we have no time for service, for reading and praying meaningfully, for our church calling, for visiting teaching (the list goes on and on) and honestly thats exactly how I was feeling. But honestly I was done feeling like this and I had kept being promoted by the spirit that I needed to place more time for spiritual things.

So this week I decided to test it out. I wasn't trying to "test" God or anything but I have been feeling like I have NO TIME for anything and the scripture says that if I put the kingdom of God first all of these things will work out. I had faith in the what the Lord was promising. And this week was so good!! I felt so much peace and felt like I had all the time I needed to accomplish what this week had in store.

When we put the Lord first he will find a way. Even when we are absolutely positive that there is no way... WITH THE LORD THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.

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