Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 14

August 17, 2015

I have been on Island for a month now! So crazy. I have already learned so much. 

First off: S/O to my twin Tommy Boy! He turns 11 tomorrow! Wish him a very Happy Birthday. Happy birthday Thomas love you <3

This week was pretty normal (or as normal as it gets here in taiwan lol). I feel like i gained about 10 pounds this week. We ate so muchhh. We were invited to a Hot Pot party with the YSA and it was so good but they just kept giving me more and more food. It was delicious though. Hot Pot is like a soup where they just throw everything in it and it all cooks together and then you eat it all. They had these Pigs blood rice squares. They all made me eat them haha it wasn't to bad! The next day we were invited to sing at a wedding so we went and did that and then of course there was so much delicious food there. The food here is so much better than the USA- a little different but sooo much better. 

There are miracles everyday but this week we were on our way to go find a 7 we could do phones at (call our investigators to see how they are doing). We had the idea to go to the Mcdonalds instead because they are nicer and super clean (way different than Mcdonalds in the USA). We walked in and who was sitting there, our investigator Qiu Xiang! She had been there for about 2 hours because she had been in a fight with her husband. We comforted her and testified about how baptism is the next step for her and that it will bless her life so much. I really hope she starts to progress and sees that that was a miracle that we ran into her there at that certain time because she needed to feel that gods loves her and cares about her. Its crazy that we just happened to decided to go to the Mcdonalds and then we ran into her. The lord is definitely guiding us. 

The hardest thing this week was getting bailed on a lot for lessons. Its so hard when our investigators dont realize how important this is. They NEED this. But they dont always see it right away. We all need to have that desire and then ACT on it or we will never progress. Even if the desire is little if we experiment upon it we will receive an answer and our desire will grow even more (read Alma 32 to see what i am talking about). Its all about acting upon it though. We need to be continually acting upon the feelings that we receive from the Holy Ghost prompting us to do the things we need. Pray and read the Book of Mormon!!! 

Chinese is still hard but i am improving everyday! Its such a cool language. 

I love it here! i love the people! and i love this gospel! 

-Sister Hardy

Here are some biking selfies! (more pics in other emails)

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