Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 16

August 28, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!! 

This week is a little weird so P-day was moved from this upcoming Monday to today! So here i am emailing only three days after i just emailed.... aka i dont have much to say haha 

Its been a roughish week- and by rough i mean that we got fung'ed by pretty much everyone! (fung=bailed on) Even members were bailing on us! But it wasnt that rough because we just made the best of this week and laughed alot. Sister Tapia laughs at like everything i say (im not that funny though? just kinda silly and/or stupid? LOL) For example we were doing English Pros and we usually do 30 min one day and 30 the next but since we werent able to do it the day earlier we had to do it for an hour on Wednesday and it was super hotttt and so humid. We both kinda hit a wave of tiredness and all the sudden i just decided to start singing "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars (yes i know its not missionary appropriate) and dancing all over with the banner and you know what?! It was great and exactly what we both needed. It definitely cheered us both up and then we started singing Les Mis so yaa hahah I guess really the moral of the story is that attitude it EVERYTHING! We can make the best of any situation or week! Also sometimes its okay to sing silly songs and dance like a weirdo and laugh alot. I like to think that God likes it when we laugh. Laughing cures the soul. 

On a spiritual note i have really seen the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion this week! Me and Sister Tapia took a moment to evaluate why some of our investigators werent progressing and it really came down to the fact that they werent reading the Book of Mormon and they didnt have a testimony of it. Our investigators that were progressing were reading the Book of Mormon. This is so true in our lives as well. We have to read the Book of Mormon if we want to keep progressing and becoming stronger. I promised a lady that we taught this week that if she read the Book of Mormon and prayed she would never fall away from the church- and i believe that to be so true. We meet with a Less-Active every saturday (Yu Ting) she is so cute and sweet but has no real testimony of the Book of Mormon. And really at the core of it all thats her problem. WE MUST READ THE BOOK OF MORMON GUYS - i cant stress it enough. 

A quick funny story: So we went to this members house for dinner last night with the elders and as it was coming to an end and we were ready to say the prayer and go (we really needed to get out of there to make it to our next lesson) the kid comes our with a whole plate of cut up apples. And then something was said (i obviously ting bu donged (didnt understand)) and so i looked up and the elders whispered "we cant pray until all the apples are gone" So basically yaaa haha i look over and Sister Tapia is shoving apples in her mouth and then i am too. We are all there just stuffing apples in our mouths trying to not choke. But we had to get out of there! It was pretty hilarious. I felt like the kid in Matilda who was forced to eat all of that chocolate cake and couldnt leave until it was all gone. What a great memory though!

Well until next time my friends and family! 
Love you all!!

Sister Hardy 

PS: i actually took photos this week but its not working! Sorry! More photos next week :) 

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