Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 15

August 24, 2015

Hello All!!!!!

This week has been great!!! Super busy and lots of hard work but i realize that its when we have the busiest days that i am the happiest. Staying busy and serving others is the best way to cure any homesickness or sorrow! Get out and serve if you are feeling down! 

I've really gained a testimony of planning this week (haha sounds sorta silly), But its so important! If we want to hit mission standards we have to make a plan to accomplish it. I relate this to really anything in life. If we have a goal that we want to achieve we have to make plans to achieve it! We cant just expect our goals to come true without putting in the work either. I am currently so sore and tired because of the crazy busy week we had! Accomplishing goals means hard work. Sunday came and we didn't hit standards- we were sooo close. And was i sad? NO!!! our numbers were so much better than they were before! And now this week we will try again! We have to realize that sometimes we wont hit goals right away. It takes time and patience! 

I have been studying the life of Christ to try and see different ways that i can improve myself (I mean why not study about the most perfect human ever lived and then strive for that?!) There was one theme that i really noticed and thats Faith. As i was reading in Matthew i noticed something very obvious that i had never really taken much thought to. Christ always says something along the lines of "because of your faith (or belief) it will be done" I've always known that we need faith but it sort of hit me that Jesus Christ will only act (perform miracles) on OUR faith. He cant help us perform miracles without our faith. That's why it is so important to have faith. Faith is something that ive seen as super key on a mission. Without faith we cant expect Jesus Christ to lift us up and perform miracles! Faith can be a hard concept to wrap our minds around and i am still trying to figure it out. But as for now i know that to have faith is to believe in Christ. Believe that he is. Believe what he says. Believe that he can save us. Believe that with him i can DO THIS! A mission is hard but when we put our faith in Christ it gets so much easier! I have to have faith that Heavenly father will help our investigators when were not there and that he will give them strength when they can feel the pull of Satan in their lives. FAITH. FAITH. FAITH. We have to have it. I am praying real hard to have more and more faith every day.

Real quick funny story: we were trying to find the complex of a person we were meeting with and there were these women outside laughing and taking pictures. I offered to take a photo of all of them and they totally agreed! then as we walked away they laughed even harder and told us to come back! one of them was a member and she preceded to show us her garments to prove it! Even though we believed her. It was just so random but made me laugh so hard. 

Alsooo S/O to Xie Lao Shi for coming and visiting us at a little drink shop!! And he brought us someone to teach. Man hes the best. I had the best teachers in the MTC! He was here visiting (he served in Taiwan also)! So good to see him. 

Have a great week everyone!! Love you all so much! Sorry for the lame photos this week- i didnt take to many. 

-Sister Hardy 

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