Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week Two

May 25, 2015

Hello All!!

Week 2 here at the MTC and i am still loving it! 

I have to best disrtrict/ zone ever and we have all grown so much closer to eachother! We seriosuly laugh all the time about the silliest things. We just start to get really crazy towards the end of the night because we have been studying and learning chinese since 6:30 am - all the silly things help keep me sane and makes the harder time worth it!

A funny sto to share: so we were asking our investigator about her family (and usually when we ask her questions we have noooo clueee what she says in response) She was talking about her big family and everything and then at the end she said something about her mom and dad and then put her hands together and split them apart. I took that as her saying her parents were divorced. Right when i was going to move on my companion says "Ohhh Fei Cheng Hao!!" AKA ohh very very good!! hahahahaha i looked over at her and gave her the look like "noooo" and she was just confused. we moved on and then i explained to her afterwards what happened. us three ended up busting up laughing bout the whole thing. she basically said very good to her parents being divorced. LOL

Our "investigator" (usually just teachers pretending to be them) excepted the invitation to be baptized this week and it was the BEST FEELING EVER. seriosuly just pure joy. this gospel changes people and has the power to give people purpose and comfort in their lifes. I know that through Jesus Christ we can all return to our Heavenly Father and sharing this message of hope with everyone gives me the happiest feeling. 

My chinese is improving! and i said a prayer infront of people on sunday at church for the first time (in chinese). The language is an incredibly hard aspect of being here but it has taught me to be patient with my self and rely soley on the lord to help me get through it. Itll take some time to learn the language and be able to master it and i just have to continually remind myself of that! 

The spirit continues to amaze me and touch my life. the Book of Mormon now means so much more to me and i encourage everyone to read it. it truly will help us grow closer to christ! We listened to the song "Come Come Ye Saints" at devotional last night and the spirit was so strong i started to tear up. Please go listen to that song, close your eyes, and just let it all sink in.

All is well friends, all is well :)

Sister Hardy (Hong Jie Mei)

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