Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 6

June 22, 2015

Hello Everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful week and enjoyed the summer!

This week has been another great week and i am 2/3 done with being here at the MTC!! Time is flying and i can only imagine it is going to go even faster once i am in the field!

Chinese has been coming easier as i learn to really work hard and rely on the Lord. One day my companions and i thought it would be funny to try and ONLY SPEAK CHINESE FOR THE WHOLE DAY. It was hard and obviously there were a few english words here and there but for the most part we spoke in only chinese! it was hardddd (try planning a lesson in chinese) haha but i really came to see that i know wayyy more chinese than i thought i did! We started to loose it by the end of the night but it was definitely a fun memory and something that we'll do again! The lord will bless us if we work really hard.

Okay so wayyyy cool story of the week! On saturdays we do TRC which is where we get to meet with members of the church and teach them a lesson! Its a really cool opportunity to talk with members of the church in chinese and get to know them better! This last week we went and were informed that one of the girls we would be teaching was not a member of the church but came with her older cousin who was a member. We got so excited! a REAL investigator! It was an amazing experience! She was a 15 year old girl from Taiwan- and so adorable :) We taught her about Gods love and how he has given us prayer and the scriptures to help us with any trial that comes our way. We bore testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and how it really can bring us pure joy through the comfort of the Holy Ghost. Afterwards our teacher went in and talked to her to get feedback and she said that she could really feel the spirit from us and that even though we weren't fluent in chinese she understood us and could tell how much we cared about the message that we were sharing.

Her cousin emailed us this and sent a picture!

"Hey Sisters,

Thanks for teaching my little cousin her first lesson!! She loves you guys and is genuinely interested in learning more. :) - Hope you all have a wonderful time in Taiwan, and let me know if you have any questions or just want another friend to email/write! :)

Just wanted to let you all know that I really felt the Spirit when you were teaching, especially when all of you bore your testimonies and testified of the Holy Ghost. Way to teach simply and clearly.

Love you sisters!"

It really was such an amazing experience that got me so excited for taiwan!

Remember to always open your mouth and share the gospel because everyone needs it- everyone!

Heavenly Father loves you and is mindful of all of our needs!! He will provide a way for us to get through any hard trial that has come our way!

Blessed with the cutest of companions!!! Love them both so much :)

Last pic is me sleeping with my dictionary on the day we only spoke Chinese haha we had to carry them around with us everywhere!

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