Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 8

July 6, 2015


Well wow, i have made it to my final week here at the MTC. Craziness. I leave July 14th so i have one more monday of emailing here and then i am outta here! I cant wait to be in Taiwan.

This has been another great week filled with spiritual and hilarious moments. I have really loved my MTC experience and am actually a little bit sad to be leaving! Especially to say goodbye to my wonder companions.

We got our travel plans this last week and it realllly hit me that i was going to be leaving. I started to get pretty nervous about it but have been praying with all my might that i will be okay and look at it alll as a cool adventure. And i really honestly can tell you that i have been comforted. I know that the lord will never leave us comfortless and in those moments when all we need is calm heart he can help us. 

So this last week was the 4th of July and the MTC was nice enough to let us have a patriotic devotional and then go watch the fire works outside from the stadium of fire! it was sucha treat! They let us stay out there till like 11:30 (which normally as a missionary we have lights out at 10:30) so that was reallllly fun. I was so happy to be there in the US for the 4th and really get to appreciate this wonderful country that we live in. I am especially grateful for our founding fathers who knew how important independence would be and fought with every fiber of their being for freedom. 

Haha soooo i had toe surgery this week lol i had a way bad infected toe nail on my right side so we went into the doc on tue and then they said oh great we have a foot doc coming tomorrow who can take care of it. i was totally stressing out about it because everyone was telling me that the needle they use to numb your toe is SO PAINFUL. but guess what, i get in there (oh and i had him do my other toe as well just in case, it was ingrown but not infected so i was just like: "just do it...") and it wasnt even painful... like dead serious i didnt even cry. it was such a blessing. and it was so good that i got it all taken care of here! so i dont have to worry about it in taiwan! the lord has shown me so many tender mercies here at the MTC! 

So every monday we get to skype members from Taiwan! and let me tell you it is my favvvvv thinggg everrrrr. they are so nice to us. and it just makes me so excited to see them in Taiwan! The members there are doing so much. one told us that he had FOUR callings- crazy. They are striving to build up the church and i am so excited for my first sunday there! 

I am happy. I reallly truly am. And even though not everyday is easy all of my worries continue to be swallowed up in the joy of christ. There is so much joy in this work and i have just yet to begin it. Through christ we really can overcome anything that gets thrown at us. I love this work, i love all of you and i love my Savior Jesus Christ.

-Sister Hardy (HONG JIE MEI)

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