Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 4

June 8, 2015

Ni Hao! 

Week four is now checked off the list and week five is quickly approaching. I really can not believe that i have been here for this long. 

This week was pretty similar to all the previous ones but i am learning more and more everyday about how to really become the best mission (and overall person) i can be. Ive really come to realize how much i need to rely on the lord with all of my might, mind, strength, and most importantly my HEART. I have to give myself completely over to the Lord and rely on him to get me through the tougher parts of life. Being in the MTC really brings out all of your weakness and there are many times where i may feel inadequate, but i know that if i humble myself that the Lord can strengthen me (Ether 12:27). I have really grown to love the scriptures as well and know for a fact that they are the words of God and if we hold tight to the words in those books, especially the Book of Mormon, they will guide and lead us to eternal joy. 

Elder D. Todd Chrisofferson came and spoke to us at devotional on Tuesday night and he did a Q and A with common missionary questions. One that i really liked was about what to do when we feel discouraged? His answer was simple and honest: JUST KEEP GOING. Life is going to be tough but we just have to keep going, relying on the lord and trusting in him and believing that it will get better. Life will not be hard forever. (and neither will a mission) 

Funny story of the week: we always sing here (since no music) and on Thursdays my companions and i service is to clean the bathrooms! We like to sing when we clean and next thing i know we were singing Mulan. After a little of singing a girl comes and informs us that "umm our classroom is right there, and we can hear you. you can keep singing but just know we can hear you..." and then she walked out. We just busted up laughing hahaha.

Food here is starting to get pretty rough but they have a salad bar and i have come up with some pretty great salad creations. If things dont work in the business world when i get back i may have a future in  being salad chief (if thats even a thing?!)

I love my companions more and more everyday and am so grateful for them. I also love my teachers more than anything and wish you could all get to know them.

Chinese is obviously hard but i am pushing on and bore my testimony in church this Sunday which was a really cool experience, i know way more than i think!

The lord loves all of his children and i hope that when tough days approach and you feel as though nothing is going right just know that your Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally. 

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