Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 7

June 28, 2015

Well its been quite the week here at the MTC. (shenme dong xi means like "what things?" AKA "what the heck?!" haha)

For starters it was Mission President Seminar so our schedule was wayyy different than normal (we were eating in the gym for example). It was quite the week for food though because we got Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Subway, Costa Vida, and the list goes on. SOOO basically i almost cried when i saw that they were serving Sweet Pork salads from Costa Vida for lunch one day, serious #tendermercy. They also have had blue berries and raspberries at lunch which neverrr happens!!! so that also made me extremely happy. The prophets and apostles were also here this week and even though i didn't see any of them it was cool knowing that they were here with us!

Now for another crazy story. So one day after dinner there was announcement that allll the sisters needed to report to the gym. We get there- really have no clue whats going on. And they tell us that 17M (the residence where ALL the sisters are living) has basically been taken over by bats and that there have been reported sightings and that they were confirmed.... it was pretty much the funnies thing EVERRRR. i seriously lost it and i was making bat jokes alll day. i even convinced some girls that i had raised the bats in my room as pets and then they got out haha dont worry i told her i was kidding. But like I mean bats? Shenme dong xi! We all had to put everything else on hold and move out immediately to a different building. It was quite the sight to see. Haha as im sure many of you know i love chaotic things so it definitely cheered me up and just makes for an awesome story.

Then to top off the week the fire alarm went off in the middle of our sacrament meeting on sunday sooo that was pretty funny too. haha it was sooo hott on sunday (like 104) so we think that the heat triggered the fire alarm lol

Oh one thing that is super cool that is happening today! My district is getting interviewed by the Huffington Post!! Its such a cool opportunity! So be on the look out for an article :)

Despite it being a funny week it was also very spiritual (as always) and i am continually surprised at the love that my Father in Heaven has for me. there have been so many little things that i have seen happen that i just know our from our Heavenly Father. For example i went to the temple monday morning and while there i took of my nice earring that i have received from my grandma when i graduated high school and put them in the rented dress pocket... and of course i forget and left them in the pocket. We left and i didnt realize until later that i totalllly forgot them! i was devastated. we decided to walk back to the temple and see if maybe they can find the dress i had one. but when we get there we realize the temple is closed... feeling down i decided to say a prayer that i would find them. Later that night i asked my branch presidents wife if she could call the temple that morning and ask if they had seen anything or found them. the next day i didnt think much about them and tried to focus on working hard. that night my name got announced over the speaker to come to the front desk. i really had no idea why but me and my companions walked over there and to my surprise there are my earring- in a little plastic baggy. They had been found. It was a miracle. As we walked out i started to get emotional. I realized that my heavenly father reallllly did care about me- even the little things. He is always watching over us.  It was an answer to my prayers that he heard.

The mission is hard, but every thing is worth it. I cant wait to be in Taiwan in about 2 weeks! I should get my travel plans this upcoming Friday! (time has flown by, i cant believe ive already been out for about 2 months now)

Have a fantastic week everyone! I appreciate all of the love and prayers that i have felt from you all.

-Sister Hardy

pics are just a normal say spent studying outside and then from our temple walk on sunday!

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