Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 9

July 13, 2015

Wow well this is it- tomorrow i leave for Taiwan! I would be lying if i didnt say i was a little scared! Its a nerve wrecking thing to be thrown into a whole new culture and environment! But i can do it. Ive done hard things in my life before and i can do this one. Im also excited though and ready to begin the work. I cant wait to meet the people of Taichung- i already have a love for them that brings me to wake up early when i dont want to and keep studying words when my brain cant take it anymore. I really do all of this out of love. If someone had to ask me why i served a mission it would be because of the love that i have for my fellowmen. Everyone needs to hear this message- EVERYONE.

I dont have much to say this week but if there is one thing i learned about the MTC its attitude. I have talked to countless people who hate the MTC and others, myself included who love it. I often question how two people having the same experience could have two totally different feelings and i have really come down to the fact that it is all about attitude. A good attitude will get you through even the most different/hard/stressful situations. If we are positive, cheerful, and willing to work hard any situation can be made better. I know this is a little cheesy but im serious haha we have to stop and evaluate our attitude when things get hard. I cant chose what happens but i can chose how i react! Also everything is better when we can just step back and laugh about it!

Well next time i will be emailing you from Taiwan! And i will most likely be soaking wet- apparently there has been a typhoon in Taiwan this last week and it rained all week hahah LETS GO!!! itll be great.

-Sister Hardy!

ps: please enjoy the selfies in this email- selfies cheer up any hard situation :)

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