Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Baptism and a Move Call!

November 23, 2015

I don't have a lot of time! This week was move calls! BUTTTT Li JM got baptized! It was such a great service! But before that it was quiet a wonderful week full of miracles!
So we met with Li JM on wed and then we wanted to meet with her again on Friday but we forgot to set up after we met. So we call her Thursday and no answer... and we called her again.. no answer. Its okay we will call Friday, STILL NO ANSWER. It gets close to the end of night and i am freaking out a little bit. So we decide to go and find her! We had never been to her house before but we were determined to find her. So we grabbed her baptism record and went looking. It was a miracle that we ended up finding it super quick because it was already 8pm and we had nooo timeee. So we get to her apartment and are ringing her bell and there is no answer.. than out of no where this little lady in a yellow poncho pulls up on her motor scooter! ITS HER!!! Ahhhh it was a miracle. We figured out her phone was just having problems so she couldn't talk to us. She was so cute and felt so bad that we had to come all the way to her house to find her haha i love her!
So then the baptism on Saturday.. It was great. She was so happy and excited before it and was so cute putting on the baptismal clothing, she put it on backwards at first haha it was so funny. SO many people in the ward came to support her and the spirit was way strong. She started to cry really hard during one of the talks (which i have never seen her get emotional before) and she just looked at me and smiled. She bore a beautiful testimony about Jesus Christ and his atonement. I definitely teared up a bit. She continued to be emotional throughout the whole thing and you could see the light that was in her eyes. Im sure the Lord is very very pleased with her.
Well i left Sanmin... sooo sad :( But i am now in Taichung! Dong Ying! Seems to be a great ward. I have a new companion also! Sister Cao! She is a native Taiwan ren from Taibei. She is super cute and speaks veryyyy little english. Not going to lie it has already been a little hard to communicate but i told her that i will help her English if she will help my Chinese so it will be great :) I cant wait to get to know her better and get to know this new ward! I also have now become the English leader and might be a Facebook missionary now ba? Oh well- change is good!
By the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I have to be honest in saying that i kinda forgot until i read some emails haha they definitely dont do thanksgiving here but thats okay. Eat some turkey for me and ill eat some rice for you.

Like i said i don't have a ton of time! But i love you all and love hearing about your lives! Shoot me an email ohhh and send me your Christmas cards!!!
Taiwan Taichung Mission
#498-11 Wu Chuan Rd
Taichung 404-46
Sister Hardy
Pics: Li JM :) also i hope you can see them.. i had to send them a different way, computer is being weird

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