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December 28, 2015

Hello everyone! This week has been so great. I am so happy! Being a missionary is a great life. I hit my 8th month mark this next month... which kinda makes me nauseous because there is no way i have been serving for that long #FREAKY. 

We have movecalls this week and thank goodness i am staying in Dong Ying with Lin JM! She is literally my best friend. She kills me with her sassy humor and we have such a good time together!

Christmas as a missionary was actually great. I didn't have to worry about gifts or all the christmasy stuff that i thought i would miss. Ya its hard to not be around family but being away for one Christmas isn't the end of the world. And i was actually so happy all day, preaching the good word and giving away candy canes at stop lights. Lin JM and I decided to make it a very merry Christmas by giving away candy canes when we contacted- it was great and seeing the smile on their face when they got one was priceless. I think that service is the key to having a happier life. When we serve and stop worrying about our-self, we somehow magically get sooo much happier- its the weirdest thing. But its also amazing. GO SERVE SOMEONE!

Skyping the fam was definitely a highlight of this week. I really have the great family out there, they are perfect just for me. I really saw how terrible my English has gotten so that was funny. And the boys were all pretty much the same just bigger and taller #notsurprised LOL gotta love them <3

We have a new investigator! Her name is Rita. She is really cool and has more desire than anyone i have ever seen! She asks so many questions about what we are teaching in lessons its awesome. She will ask a question, we will try and do our best to answer, and then she will sit there for a minute with this pondering look on her face and then usually ask another question. She wants to understand so bad. We have only meet with her twice and when we gave her a goal she said she needs to pray later and find for herself! Were planning on following up with her tonight! I know that if she feels for herself that this is true she will be baptized in no time. Miracles man, every single day. #missionarylife

We got to go on a zone hike this morning for getting 12 baptisms this move call as a zone! Wahoo. It was way fun and lead up to this abandoned temple type spot! I have tons of pics so sorry for the overload of pictures this week! But Taiwan is just such an epic place, i love it here. 

Mmm i feel like my emails are getting shorter because i am running out of stuff to say/ i just forget haha i will try and write down something from everyday this week that i can share next week. But know that i am still doing so well!

I appreciate all of the mail and letters i have gotten lately! I have such great friends and family :)

Much much love from the island of Taiwan, 
Sister Jessica Hardy!

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