Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another Missionaries Email in your Inbox

December 6, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!

This week has been good, sorta hard, but really good.
Having a bendi comp has been difficult at times but i am learning so much; about myself, and relying on the Lord, oh and a lot of chinese (duh haha)! 

Some weird things happened this week:

First one is really sad, but was definitely a "Well okay i have never done this before" moment. There was a lady in our ward who passed away this week of breast cancer- super young and has two little girls. So we get a call about it and they want us missionaries to come to the hospital. So we do and when we get there they take us down to this area and we go in the room and there she is, laying on a gerny, with a white sheet covering her body up until her neck. I almost like passed out when we walked in, out of shock. We just walked in and then walked to the side and then they looked at us like okay what do you want to do?? We were just like "uhhh.." and then luckily pan DX this dad who is a total bro in our ward came in and led us in singing Christmas songs. It was quite the experience and we all walked out a little speechless. Haha us missionaries get asked to do some of the weirdest things sometimes- but we just do them anyway, cause we love the people.

We got chased by dogs. YUP. I biked like a mad women and didnt look back. Luckily me and sister cao made it out without any scratches but it was definitely scary. 

So everyone here calls me "Wa Wa" and for the longest time i had noooo idea what it meant. But, now having a bendi comp, i figured it out. It means BARBIE! they are all calling me Barbie. :/ so thats great haha i literally get comments on my hair maybe atleast 7 times a day. WAHOO for white hair.

Sooooo Zhan JM passed her baptism interview and is getting baptized this Saturday!! So exciting. She is such a prepared soul. She has a very real testimony of this gospel and i can just see the devotion in her eyes!

This week we have our mission Christmas celebration and we all get to go to Puli (like the most beautiful place in Taiwan). Its an all day thing and i cant wait. Its been great being able to share the gospel around the Christmas season. We go to this mall that has a huge Christmas tree and contact. I ask them if they know why Americans celebrate Christmas, and they usually dont, so then we get to share about Jesus Christ. Its great. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. 

Well thats about all for this week, but i want to end my email with a scripture. Moroni 7:33:   33 And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.
Faith is so important! 有信心有辦法!

Bye Bye,

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