Saturday, January 2, 2016

NOVEMBER (so weird)


First things first S/O to my best friend/sister/cousin/love SARAH !!! she turned 19 this last week and i think everyone should go sing her happy birthday, because she is amazing and i love her wayyy toooo muchhh.

Also its November... so that is REALLY WEIRD. 

Anyways! I hope that everyone is doing fantastic this week, and if not its okay, because this week was a little rougher for me as well! Sometimes we just have those kind of weeks. But all is well because its a new week! 

I cant really put my finger on what made this week hard, it was just rough. Even though we taught a ton still and Li JM is still doing awesome! Last night it all sorta came crashing down as we stepped out of our Ward Correlation meeting (that i didn't understand at all). We were in there and i was trying to bring up Li JM and her baptism date and everything and i guess i wasn't supposed to talk just yet.. and it was just embarrassing. I am pretty used to not understanding most of what is happening in meetings but now that my trainer is gone and i cant rely on her it has put a lot more pressure on my Chinese. This language is KILLER. I mean like most definitely the hardest thing i have ever had to study. I cant read anything, i really cant understand much either. BUT i can testify. And i can do that real well. There is a special spirit that feels my heart when i am really testifying, and i forget that i am even speaking in Chinese. Those are the moments that help me to keep going! We have to latch on the good moments in order to keep moving forward. 

Update on Li JM! She is doing awesome :) and totally not drinking tea!!!!! It literally makes me the happiest person EVER when we ask her how she is doing and she says in her funny little ama (grandma) voice that she hasn't drank tea today! She is so cute telling us about how she is trying out these other teas that are herbal and all natural. She also likes to speak Taiyu (Taiwan's native language) and so she teaches us words sometimes haha I love her so much! The ward has been so helpful in welcoming her in and making sure that she feels comfortable. I am already starting to go into denial that one day i will have to leave Sanmin... But that's not for a little while so for now i am making the most of it and soaking it all up. Anyways seeing her progress in coming closer to Christ is a beautiful thing and it fills me with a joy i have never had before.

Its cooled down! I mean like its still hott but i am not dripping sweat every minute of the day! So WAHOOO for that! 

Mmm im trying to think of something funny that happened this week... well we were walking around this park with this lady, just talking about life and stuff when this girl on her scooter on the road pulls over and points at us smiling (like she is SO excited) and runs over. I was like "Uhhh shoot who is she, think sis hardy think!" (we meet so many people sometimes its hard to remember everyone) Turns out we had never meet her before but she LOVES english class. Like she is obsessed with English (there are a lot of people like that here). Anyways she was trying to find our class and she said that she always saw us biking but she could never get a hold of us. She is superrr cute though and i think that we may be able to get her obsessed with the gospel also ;) haha English is the I teach Xiao Peng You Ban, which is little kids and i love it. They are adorable and we get to play fun games and laugh and just be kids! And when they pray my heart just melts and i realize all is good in the world. 

This week i was studying a lot about addictions (in trying to help Li JM) and i just thought it was interesting to how it all goes back to faith in Jesus Christ. Faith in him is and always will be the first step in anything. We are helping all of our investigators to have faith in Christ because without that there is really no desire in wanting to change and become a new creature in him. Faith is soooo important. That is definitely something that i have learned on my mission. We all need to first have FAITH and then everything else will follow. Strength that faith through scripture study, prayer, repentance, service, going to church, and the list goes on and on. Just do your best and the Lord will help make your faith unbreakable. 

This week, although rough, had its tender mercies and i am grateful to see the hand of god in my life everyday! He loves me and you and every single person that ever walked on earth (and has yet to walk). He loves us despite our imperfections and he will NEVER stop loving us. We can always reach out to him. He will cleanse our souls and make us whole again. I know it with all my heart because he has healed me. 

I love this gospel and love all of you!!

Sister Hardy

Pictures: I was a nerd for Halloween (or more like just for this picture haha),
Drawing silly dragons in Xiao Peng You (we were discussing parts of the body!) and then Sister Slaters dong gua cha that broke into her bag HAHA her face kills me every time (of course she still drank it also, cant waste dong gua man)

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