Saturday, January 2, 2016

A White Christmas :)

December 14, 2015

HELLLOOOO!!! So i dont have much time today- our email time has been cut up a little and split into today and Wednesday because on Wednesday we get to go to the temple!!!! YAY. I am so excited about it!! I havent been since the MTC so i am pumped.  

Zhang JM got baptized! and so did FOUR other precious souls! All four wards that meet in our chapel had baptisms! It was awesome, slightly crazy, but definitely a "white Christmas" to remember! (because of the baptismal clothing, get it? haha i miss snow to much right now) She is amazing. She was found through her mom who was a Less-Active member, but is now active :) and then her brother who also use to be less active but has been coming back got to baptize her! It was a wonderful time and i just loved seeing their family so happy! Families are such a blessing. 

We had our Christmas activity this week!!! It was so awesome and so great to see all the missionaries- i sure do love my mission. There are lots of pics attached! 

On a sad note- Cao JM left!! We got a call that she was leaving and i honestly was so sad. This week had been such a good week for us and we finally got the hang of things and then she leaves. So sad. But my new companion is Lin JM! She is also a bendi ren! Shes so cute and i cant wait to chuan the jiao with her. She actually already served in Dong Ying in like the Spring- so super weird that she is coming back. But im not mad- she seems great!! 

Sorry i wish i could say more but no time!! Here are some pics of this epic week!! 

-Sister Hardy

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