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This was another great week!

November 15, 2015

Hello everyone! This was another great week! 

Li JM update: Ahhh LI JM PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!!! You should have seen my and Sister Slater waiting for her to come out of the interview, i was a wreak haha just trying to keep my mind focused on other things so i wouldn't die. The leader finally motioned us over and said congratulations!! Yay it was such a happy moment and Li JM had such a big smile on her face. Shes getting baptized this Saturday :) She was so cute yesterday at church. She was particularly happy and i asked her why and she was like "Everyday is a happy day when i can see you guys and come to church!! I love her so much. Everyone in the ward was asking her about her Baptism coming up and are so supportive of her. She is an amazing women and i feel so lucky to see her come closer to Christ. The church is true folks, so so so true. 

Miracle: So we were just bike contacting on this crazy busy road one night when a lady started flagging us to pull over. At first i thought she was just motioning a bus to come over but then i realized she was talking to us! So i pull over and she is with her husband and daughter. She asks us if we are the church that has the free English class! I explained it to her and gave her an English tract! It was way cool. We started to bike away and we were like DANG what are the odds that we were right there when she was looking for us. Also its super cool here how many people know who we are. Everyone has usually at least seen us missionaries biking around. Bike contacting is so great. You always get some great stories out of it- lots of crazy people yelling at you haha I LOVE TAIWAN. 

Oh i hit my 6 months as a missionary this last week... so thats really freaky and not real life. 

Language: So some how this week i have seen how much my language has improved. I called this member to set up and she didn't believe that it was me because my Chinese was so good.. HAHA i think she was just being nice but i will take it. This language is killer (i think i say that every email) but it really is! Its not an easy thing to learn. But i am seeing the progress and sometimes have to take a step back and realize that i have only been here for about 4 months.. i am learning patience with myself.

Ahh so our English leader got Jungle Fever (that's a real thing yes) so hes been out for a little while and since our English party is this week he put me in charge hahaha.. so i have been running around like a mad women trying to make sure everything will be ready for Wednesday! Its a pirate party though and sure to be great. Despite the stress i am pumped, i LOVE English and have a super strong testimony of it (we get a lot of baptisms in our mission from people hearing about the gospel through English class) Honestly i feel sorta in my element planning and stuff (S/O to Student Council in high school, Allie and Kayla i hope you are reading this ahaha:))

Its still hot and sometimes i stop and think "Wow, its November.." It still feels like summer! 

Spiritual stuff: Okay this is the scripture that i ponderized this week and i LOVE IT! Psalm 118:24 "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." The Lord has given me everyday and here on the mission are days are limited! But if we rejoice and be glad in it everyday can be a good one! I am a strong believer that despite the situation we are in we can be happy! We just have to step back and think about what in life is making us happy? Once we evaluate that we sometimes realize that the things that make us "happy" really don't bring real happiness. Real happiness comes from Heavenly Father (im sure you all saw that one coming haha) and obeying his commandments and following Jesus Christ and using the atonement daily and reading the BOM and praying and so on and so forth. We have SO many things that can make us happy! So use them!!! 

This week will be crazy with the English party and a baptism but i figure might as well go out with a bang! Next week in move-calls and the odds of me leaving Sanmin are really high... so sad. But its okay. I am coming back one day (right mom and dad? ;)) 

Love you all!!! 
Sister Hardy <3

Pics: Last pday at Lotus Pond! So Asian and so cool.

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