Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again NEVER

Well it has pretty much rained every day this week. Its either poring or a constant mist. My hair is just loving it *notice the sarcasm* haha but that doesn't stop us missionaries! (even though it stops like everyone else here- really though the people here hate the rain). Despite the rain though it has been an EPIC week. Filled with lots of teaching, getting creeped on, finding prepared souls and almost getting eaten alive by a small dog. 

We taught a lot this week! I loved it. We met with a lot of new investigators so it was a lot of the first lesson. There is so much power in testifying of the restoration though. Especially in saying Joseph Smiths first vision. SO MUCH SPIRIT. The spirit is always present when the first vision is being said. It was one of the first things i had memorized in Chinese and i hold it dear to my heart. I will never forget those words or that story! Go watch the Restoration video ( and soak in the spirit- its amazing. 

We had yet again another creepy man story- haha Sister Slater thinks it is hilarious but this is like the millionth time that this has happened so i don't find it so amusing any more haha This time we were sitting in a 7 trying to get calls done and a man comes up to us and starts talking to us and English ans such. Eventually he is writing down his address so we can come "eat ice cream with him and his friends" and he preceded to tell us that he was going to die his hair black so that he would look younger...? He followed us out of the 7 and wanted to know when we would have free time to go on a walk. I looked him straight in the eye and said "Mei Ban Fa" (which means like no way, no time, cant be done) in a very harsh I AM NOT INTERESTED tone. He left. Sister Slater was dying laughing because i like totally scared him away. Haha gotta be harsh and upfront with stalkers man, usually they will leave you alone when they know that you are aware of them being creepy and weird. I wonder if this will ever come in handy in the future.. i hope not..?

Like i said early we had a lot of first lessons this week and we found this amazing girl Guo Jie Mei! She is awesome and so ready. I contacted her at a park a few weeks ago and we were finally able to meet this week! I really hope that we can continue to help her come closer to Christ. She has the desire too- and the desire is always the first step.

Update on Li Jie Mei! She is still doing great. She wore a skirt to church this last Sunday and it was adorable it made me heart melt :) we taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she was little hesitant but i know that if she prays about it and fasts that she can gain the strengthen to stop drinking tea. Its hard to live the Word of Wisdom in country that so heavily drinks tea, but when there is a commandment there is a way! And the Lord will help her overcome this.

Okay so the dog story which is actually was a blessing (just keep reading haha). We were out contacting and doing calls when i suddenly hit maybe the biggest wall thus far on my mission. My body was exhausted and the last thing i wanted to do was go back into the heat and hop and my bike and talk to everyone. But i said a prayer, pleading with Heavenly Father to give me the energy i needed to be able to keep going. We hopped on our bikes and i still felt tired. We approached a light and i biked up to a couple with a cute poodle. I preceded to tell them that there dog was cute when the dog LUNGED at me and was caught mid air by his owner. I half screamed and almost fell off my bike. Needless to say it woke me. Sister Slater and I were laughing so hard and i had the energy that i needed to be awake and alert the rest of the day. The Lord works in the weirdest of ways to help his missionaries- i love it. 

Well this week has been yet another great one. I am eternally grateful every day for this blessing to be serving along side the Lord!! 

Until next week my friends
Sister Hardy

pics: random selfies with some funny stuff laying around our place haha

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