Saturday, January 2, 2016

Days are Weeks and Weeks are Days


The subject of this email pretty much describes the mission. Time is flyinggg and i am already in denial about having to go home in about a year from now... How is October almost coming to an end? Its not even cold yet... it is starting to cool down and by cool down i mean it actually feels like summer in Minnesota now haha.

This week has been great! I got a new companion- Sister Slater! We are both pretty different but we got along great and i am so happy to have her as my companion! She is going to teach me so much i can already tell. 

We had a good first week and even set a baptismal date for a new investigator we have! Her name is Li Jie Mei. She is an older lady who has a Christian background! She attends another christian church but really likes ours also. She is so funny and always says "ganxie zhu" after like everything, which is sorta like saying "god bless". She said she wants to find a church where she can best "renshi yesu jidu" - get to know Jesus Christ. Well she has found it! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon really being the way to get to know Jesus Christ ans she has committed to read and pray. So i really hope that we can keep progressing with her and that she can be baptized Nov 21st! 

Here is a little miracle that we had this week that also shows how incredibly kind taiwanese people are. So we having been doing a lottt of finding lately and we decided to go looking for some Less-Actives in our area. We get to one house and we figure out that the Less-Active doesnt live there any more but that it is this other lady, Zheng Jie Mei. We talked to her for a little while and then figure out that she is a former! She had meet with the missionaries before! Next thing you know we are in her house sharing family photos and being fed lots of yummy fruit. This is a complete stranger that let us into her house and fed us! People here are crazy nice. Makes me want to have more charity towards all men. She was really cool though and we said we would back by sometime this week! I love how the Lord works in such weird ways. We were trying to find a Less-Active and then ended up meeting a Former. Miracles man, every single day. 

This week in personal study i was reading the 4th Missionary and Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary. Which are both amazing talks. After reading them i was thinking about how there are all these things i want to be and become on my mission and getting a little overwhelmed thinking about it. But then it sorta just hit me how if the Lord is helping me i can do anything. Yes, i am right, there is nooo way i can become all these things and be a consecrated missionary BY MYSELF. But with the LORD i can do it all and more. It made me think of the scripture in 2 Nephi 4 (which for the record is a great chapter to read when you are feeling down), verse 19 which says "And when I desire to rejoice my hearty groaneth because of my sins; nevertheless I KNOW IN WHOM I HAVE TRUSTED" Sometimes my heart groans because of all my imperfections and shortcomings but i know whom i trust, and that is my savior Jesus Christ. Because of my trust in him i know i can truly become who our Heavenly Father wants to me to. The enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and can change all of us if we let it. I am so grateful that i can change and always be improving. 

Well i thought i would end with this quote that my companion shared with me.. 
"...Any effort is pleasing to God, even if he and I both know its not my all or my best. It may be far from an acceptable offering, but God accepts in nonetheless because ultimately He is more concerned with the offerer than the offering."

Keep on going. Don't give up just because you think that you wont be able to give god a "perfect offering", because guess what you're right! You cant give him a perfect offering. But HE DOESN'T CARE. He will take what we can give him and turn it into something amazing. Trust in Him. Believe in Him. Become a new person through Him.


Sister Hardy 

Pics: Me and Sister Slater. All of our district biking up to Da Liao to help them find new investigators! It was pretty funny to see us all (12) biking down the streets of Taiwan!

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