Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another Typhoon, Baptismal goal (kind of), Babysitting & Cockroach


This week has been yet another awesome one. Being a mission is hard, but also AWESOME. Like i am not lying when i say that we have so much fun, and are the happiest people alive. I have never been happier, and by happy i mean pure, everlasting joy, not just temporary happiness. Really its because being a disciple of Jesus Christ is the best thing in the world. I get to wear his name over my heart every day (aren't you jealous? ;)). But you don't need a badge to be a missionary! I wish i would have been a better missionary before i came out on a mission, i think it would have brought me a lot more joy. SO invite for this week is to be a member missionary and go out with the missionaries. They need your help! Trust me i know. 

Well that felt like an intense pep talk! Now for this weeks updates... 

So we met with this amazing girl this week for the first time and at the end i invited her to be baptized and she accepted and it was just such an great lesson and the spirit there and it was awesome. And then at church yesterday we figured out that she doesn't live in our area... This is the second time this same exact situation has happened to us. It was pretty hard. But i came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter who gets to teach and baptize her, it just matters that she comes unto Christ by being taught and being baptized. The lord works in weird ways and teaches us lessons without us even knowing. 

We watched the womens session of general conference but haven't been able to watch the general session (we will this upcoming weekend). The womens session was AWESOME. So powerful and bold i loved it. I cant wait to watch general conference! 

Okay random miracle. So we have this crazy investigator who really doesn't like her son... its kind of sad actually. Any ways we invited her to church and instead she showed up with her kid and then just left. He is a 10 year old boy. We stood there like uhh what uhh umm as she walked out and he stayed (poor kid). We didn't really know what to do so he just came with us to sacrament meeting. He sat by a family that said they would take him (because missionary's really aren't aloud to baby sit, and that's what it felt like) anyways though we look back a few min into it and hes gone. We are freaking out. I mean where would he go?!?! So we run all around the church building (our building has 3 floors) looking for him. Eventually were like lets say a prayer so we stop and say a prayer and then when we opened our eyes he was just standing there. No idea where he came from but we found him. Anyways i would say that that was a tender miracle that happened to us this week.

There was a cockroach in my retainer case last night. Yup, you read that right. Open it up to put on my retainer like the good little girl i am and there is a COCKROACH. I screamed and chucked it on the floor. We usually find like from 5-10 every night when we get home. I have become a master killer. 

So there was another typhoon this last week- it wasn't very bad but we got a text (once we were really far away from the house) that we weren't aloud to bike because missionaries were getting blown over haha. So we had to walk our bikes all the way home that night. It was quite the adventure though and i love a good adventure/ switch in the normal schedule so i was fine with it. We just sang and biked. Sister Tapia is teaching me how to harmonize HAHA its killer but jia you! 

Thats pretty much all i can think of for this week! The church is still true and i am still alive! See yall next week. 

-Hong Jie Mei

ps: someone confirm that it is actually Fall because it is still about 100 degrees here LOL i miss the cool brisk air, someone breathe it in for me when you walk outside tomorrow, and drink some hot apple cider :) 

pics: typhoon - having to walk out bikes because the winds were so strong, yu ling the cutest recent convert in all the land, and our english class!! we teach the little kid class and it is the cutest thing ever.

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