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Dong Ying

November 29, 2015

Hello everyone :) 

What a week!! It felt like maybe the longest week of my mission yet but it wasn't a bad one at all! 
I figured there would be a lot of questions regarding me moving and thanksgiving and having a native companion so i thought i would just respond to your "questions."

Whats dong ying like?
 AWESOME! its a lot more rural than Sanmin and supppper hilly. AKA my legs feel like i am back in training again haha but its very pretty here and there is a huge river that is in our area and all these really cool bridges. The ward is awesome. There aren't as many people here so contacting is a little more difficult but no worries i just talk to everyone ahaha Dong Ying is still a fairly new area, it used to be with Tai Ping and then it split so i sorta feel like we are white washing a little bit. My companion had a bit of a hard time with her last companion in terms of finding so shes not very familiar with the area and good places to contact and stuff so were figuring it all out together!! We don't have too many investigators (but that will change) but we have one who is getting baptized on the 12th! She is awesome and was found through her mom who is (or was now) a Less-Active member! Super cool to see them both come to church! Its also a lotttt colder here aha one day it was actually like super cold and i was like ha... remember when i was complaining about the heat?? ya now im freezing. I am out on the search to buy tights and sweaters today. 

How is it to have a Taiwanese companion? (wow thats terrible english haha thats what its like! MY ENGLISH IS SO BAD RIGHT NOW AHH)
Mmm its good. Its pretty difficult at times in terms of trying to communicate but we arent letting it hold us back. She really hardly knows any english so i told her i would help her english is she helped my chinese! I have learned SO much in a week its insane. There has been a lot of charades and having to describe things. Its hard because i will know how to say alot but i dont know that one word that actually makes the sentence important haha but no worries JIAO YOU! Sister Cao is sorta in a little bit of funk right now but i am determined to help her love missionary work! She tells me i am "funny sister" Its the best day ever when i get her laughing pretty hard. I have really learned to have patience and to lead but more so ive learned to be a follower, give others the opportunity to lead. 

How was Thanksgiving? 
Sister Cao made me fired rice for breakfast, i looked down at the bowl of rice, said "Happy Thanksgiving" and ate up. hahahaha forrealz though thanks giving it not a thing here. The only thing that was kinda thanksgivingish was my english class. I taught all the little kids thanksgiving words and had them draw the hand turkey things and such- it was great! 

OHHHHH we also had am Apostle come this last week (no biggie haha). Elder Stevenson (one of the new apostles) came to pick up his son who was serving here! So obviously we did a big conference and all the missionaries got together to come hear him speak. It was so great. He truly is an Apostle of the Lord. He shared a lot of cool stories from his time as a mission president in Japan (S/O to edie). I think the thing that he said that stroke me the most (ironically because we here it all the time) was when he talked about obedience. He said Obedience bring Blessings and Blessings bring Happiness AKA Obedience>Blessings>Happy. I mean duhh but it just hit me really hard. We are happy when we are obedient because we get blessed! He called the Missionary White Handbook the "Book of Blessings" and its so true! Being obedient brings us so many miracles.

Have a great week everyone!!!! 
-Sister Hardy!!! 

Pics: My district is a blast!! Our Dong Ying elders: Elder Parker was in the MTC with me and then Elder Young was down south with my in GaoXiong so i knew him pretty well. and then the TaiPing Elders: Elder Swanson who was in my last district and then Elder Chan our DL! 

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