Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 19

Well hello friends and family!!! I have been a missionary for over 4 months now! Time flies its crazy. 

It has been a solid week here in sanmin! We got some new investigators and we had some solid lessons! I love being a missionary so much. And it really hit me how happy i am this week! There is nothing else i would want to be doing in my life than this. The lords work is the best work - by far! 

Well we met with the dad of our investigator Sharon (her parents fandui (wont let her get baptized)). It was quiet the experience. He is very very bai bai (Buddhist), in fact he is a priest in his church... lol yaaa so the moment we got in there it was very clear that he was not going to let her get baptized. After about an hour of being in there and him trying to teach us Buddhist stuff Sharon started to cry.  He was slightly yelling at her and kept telling her that she is a Buddhist, not our church. Then i look over and sister tapia is crying (i don't really know what is going on at this point because i don't totally understand). She said that he said we aren't aloud to meet with Sharon anymore. It was bad. I felt like we had just made it all worse. We walked out and pulled over on the side of the road to decompress what just happened. It was probably one the saddest moments on my mission thus far- i thought we were never going to see Sharon again. Later that night we got a call from her and she said that she wanted to meet. We told her that if her parents don't allow it then we shouldn't but then she explained that after we left she talked to him and he finally said its okay if we meet we just cant talk about baptism at all. When we met up with her the next day she was AWESOME. She was way more serious about being baptized and there was a new strength that she didn't have before. I think that she was finally able to stand up to her dad and really tell him how much she wants to be baptized. To me its a miracle that it didn't scare her away into giving up but it made her stronger. 

Overall the whole experience has really made grow to have patience. Two of our investigators would get baptized now if they could but there parents wont allow it- and it is so hard. Its really sad too. I just have to rely on the lord and his timing and trust that he knows whats best for all of his children. 

Other than that i cant think of anything to crazy this week.. i ate stinky tofu for the first time haha and squid! The stinky tofu wasn't too bad it just STINKS! and the squid was actually really good lol (hopefully my mom will send some of the pics of me eating it? lol there were so many pics i just sent them a ton) 

The weather is kind of starting to cool down (but not really haha) Its funny to be wearing summer clothes in September! I heard it never really gets cold here down in Gao Xiong. 

The language is coming along. Chinese is reallllllyyyyy hard but i can see myself improving and all of the members say that my Chinese is getting better too so that helps. I just never hesitate to use my Chinese and try every day to not let it hold me back. I will get this language down one day- with the help of the lord of course. One thing that has really helped me is to think about why i am learning Chinese? and it always goes back to the Lord. I am learning for him. So that i can help his children here in Taiwan! 

Gotta love this work man! Have a killer week everyone. 

Sister Hardy 

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